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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?

Are you finding it difficult to steer your way through the snow? Worried about driving to the office because every time you take your car out in the snow, you feel you are driving over the smooth glass?

If you do, then this is a clear indication that you should switch over to snow car tyres. Summer tyres or all-season tyres might provide you excellent service when the mercury level is still north of seven degrees, but have you ever given any serious thought what might happen under the road is under snow? The tyres will begin to lose its grip, and you might end up in a fatal accident.

Winter tyres on the other hand not only retain its grip but also offer excellent braking and handling performance. This level of performance is not limited to extreme weather conditions as they also give similar results on wet terrains.

How does winter tyre work?

Without going into much detail, let our experts at AN Tyres explain how winter tyres work.

Mainly what differentiates winter tyres from other types of tyres is the presence of a much softer rubber compound. It enables outstanding grip even under the most severe of conditions.

Moreover, the tread pattern is also different. The body of the tyre has significantly more sipes. They assist in preventing aquaplaning. These slits also enhance the grip on snowy terrains. A summer or an all-season tyre does not provide the same degree of aquaplaning because of their structural design.

However, there are certain disadvantages in having these tyres when the temperature begins to rise. Softer rubber compound tends to melt in high heat. Also, its more prominent tread blocks create a lot of noise when you drive on dry roads.

Why consider buying a winter tyre?

There are mainly two reasons why the current generation is showing more interest in winter tyres:

  • The softer rubber compound performs better than other tyres in mild or moderate conditions.
  • Secondly, winter tyres are now available in a variety of sizes. Hence, enabling it to cater to the needs of vehicles of varying sizes.

Winter tyres at AN Tyres

Apart from maintaining an extensive range of summer and all-season tyres, AN Tyres has a vast collection of winter tyres. Our experienced engineers and technicians are more than capable of understanding what you need. You will definitely feel the difference after availing our services.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to avail our services. You can also purchase these tyres online from our website.

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