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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Imagine you are driving down the peaceful streets of Maidstone, and suddenly encounter a pothole or a road bump. It puts immense stress on nearly every component of your car, including your tyres. Properly aligned wheels may assist in reducing this stress.

It involves aligning your car wheels according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The adjusted angle decreases the rate of wear and tear of your tyres and ensures a smooth driving experience.

Need for a re-alignment

Misaligned wheels can reduce the longevity of your car tyres significantly. It also severely damages essential components of your car like the suspension system and steering. Thus, automobile experts at AN Tyres request their customers to have their car’s alignment checked whenever they see any signs of wear and tear.

To eliminate these hassles, visit our garage for 2 wheel alignment Maidstone after every six thousand miles. This service will not only keep your car wheels aligned but will also increase the longevity of the tyres. Also, it offers a seamless driving experience and gives you optimum fuel-efficiency. Following are some more reasons for getting a wheel alignment service done:

  • It balances your steering wheel.
  • A smooth drive indicates that you have complete control of your car.
  • You no longer need to endure unnecessary vibrations while driving your car.

What technicians check during an alignment service?

Our engineers will check the following three things during the service:


This inspection service includes an accurate measurement of the angle of your car’s wheels from each side. If the technician sees that the steering axis is facing towards you, then your vehicle has a positive caster. If it faces towards your car, it is termed as a negative caster.


Unlike caster alignments, this requires a measurement of the angle of your tyres from the top. If the tyres are pointing inwards, then that indicates negative camber, and if it points outwards, it means your car wheels have positive camber.

The above misalignment is a clear signal for you to take your car for a wheel alignment. It is nothing unusual and happens mainly due to faulty bearings and malfunctioning suspension parts.

Toe-in and toe-out: In a toe service, the technician checks the extent to which your tyres can turn. If they look like they are turning inwards, they will do what is known as toe-in servicing, and the exact opposite is called toe-out wheel misalignment.

Types of alignment services:

Front-end alignment

It is one of the most common alignment services, which nearly every garage including ours, provide. Commonly known as ‘toe and go’ alignment, it is best for you if your car has a solid rear axle.


Again, this requires a solid rear axle, which provides sufficient rotational force to the rear wheels. This kind of alignment service ensures all the four wheels of your vehicle are aligned. It helps in increasing the longevity of your car tyres and also offers higher fuel efficiency.

Four wheel alignment

Most modern cars use a front-wheel drive. If you do own such a vehicle, then you should go for this service at our 2 wheel alignment garage. It is nothing but an amalgamation of the above two types.

Ways in which you can maintain correct wheel alignment

You can ensure wheel alignment in these three easy-to-follow ways:

  • Do not keep unnecessary stuff in your car. The excess weight drags the chassis down thus making your car lose alignment.
  • Always check whether you have sufficient air pressure in your car tyres.
  • Do not drive in a rash manner. And if you are a part of that minority who does it, switch over to the conservative way. You might feel odd at first, but this will enable you to maintain wheel alignment and other crucial aspects of your vehicle for a longer time.

Wheel alignment at AN Tyres

Here at AN Tyres, we always make sure our customers get complete satisfaction after receiving our services. We have some of the most talented and efficient technicians who are willing to address your vehicle-related queries and problems.

Hence, do not hesitate to contact us if you ever feel anything unusual with the alignment of your wheels. We will be more than happy to solve your problems.

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