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Are you looking for Van Tyres for your vehicle?

Vans, unlike ordinary cars, are capable of carrying a lot more weight. They have a heavier and reinforced chassis too, which gives them a higher load carrying capacity. There is a reason why van tyres are so different; they are capable of resisting much more than standard tyres.

Are van tyres really so different?

They are. Van tyres are remarkably different from standard passenger car tyres. Vans traditionally come equipped with their standard tyres. Have you ever seen how vans are different from sedans and hatchbacks? The design is not just aesthetic; it is practical too.

Buying van tyres online nowadays is simple, especially if you stay in and around Maidstone. At AN Tyres, we store the best van tyres from reputable brands like Pirelli, Dunlop and Bridgestone, and you can buy your preferred van tyres online.

How do we pick the best van tyres?

Buying van tyres is not too complicated; all you need to know are some essential details.

  • Stronger sidewalls ensure that you can carry more cargo over longer distances.
  • Given that most van tyres are meant for commercial vehicles, it is imperative that they meet specific criteria. Van tyres have unique sidewall markings. Two most common such marks are XL or Extra Load, and RF, which denotes Reinforced
  • Van tyres do have better shelf life than most comparable tyres. That does not mean, however, that you should buy older models, especially when they come at lower prices.
  • Lastly, ensure that you buy the best brands possible. You might wonder how expensive these brands can be; however, they are worth every penny.

Buying van tyres at Maidstone

Live and drive around Maidstone? Looking for new van tyres? Perhaps we can help. At AN Tyres, we store the very best of the best brands. We also pass on the accompanying bells and whistles to our customers. The next time you look to upgrade your van, look out for us. Visit all the sections for more details.

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