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Are you looking for Valves Change for your vehicle?

If we ask you to name one of the most frustrating issues that you face with your car tyres, other than puncture and leaks, what would you answer? Wait, let us take a wild guess; a leaking valve? Bingo!

Pneumatic car tyres need to keep the air contained inside their carcass to work. A tyre valve is the only pathway that allows us to inflate (or deflate) the tyre as required. We all know how it looks. However, that inconspicuous tiny stub that peeps out of the wheel hub has a major responsibility. If the valve breaks down, or leaks, air will slowly come out of the car tyre, and you will find yourself stuck with a flat tyre in the morning rush.

It is meant to contain air inside, why would it leak?

Well, when you drive your car over bumps or potholes on the road, a sudden rise of pressure inside the tyres put immense strain on its valve. If it is a good quality DIN certified part, it will handle that pressure. However, with the rise of cheap aftermarket goods, car owners around the UK are facing problems with parts that wear out too soon.

Also, if you bring your car to a reputed service garage, like AN Tyres Maidstone, you will notice that we apply a layer of sealant around the valve and tyre joint. After prolonged use, this can turn solid due to excessive heat. Then, it starts cracking and leaks air from the point where the tyre and valve meets.

So how would you know if it is leaking?

A key indication of a malfunctioning valve is when your car tyres steadily lose its air pressure. It would not be something like a puncture or a leak, where the car tyres deplete quickly. So, if you notice a slow but sure depletion in your car tyres, you should check its valve first.

Changing tyre valve

There is no definite rule stating how often you should replace a tyre valve. A rule of thumb is to change it every two years. Also, when you come to AN Tyres for a tyre change, we will change its valve completely free of charge.

What do we have to offer?

At AN Tyres Maidstone, you will find only the best quality products that are rated to withstand even the harshest conditions. We keep products that are DIN certified only, meaning the tyre valve you will find in our garage can operate in temperatures of -40°C and will be functional even after withstanding a constant pull for 144 hours.

Visit us today, call us to book your appointment, or bring your car directly to our garage. We are always here to help you.

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