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    The ‘Look-East’ policy of the UK is not restricted to any specific businesses. So why should it leave out tyres? Nexen car tyres have steadily gained popularity. Based out of South Korea, Nexen is one of the largest tyre companies in the world.

    Even their name is a mixture of their manufacturing and aesthetic philosophy. Nexen borrows its name from two words: ‘next’ and ‘century’, a combination of words that have stood the test of time as far as brand recall value is concerned.

    Buying Nexen tyres online is also a simple exercise. At AN Tyres in Maidstone, we store the latest Nexen tyre models which will suit every model of passenger cars that drove on the roads of the UK.

    Buying Nexen: A good investment

    Buying Nexen car tyres is always a great idea. Did you know, for example, that Nexen was one of the world’s first companies to establish a separate manufacturing plant for radial tyres way back in 1985? That’s right: their vision and foresight have always been exemplary.

    There are other areas where this company excels as well. Some are:

    • This South Korean giant has always been ahead in Research & Development. They always spend a significant amount of their operating profit on R&D. The result is an insane number of patents.
    • Nexen is one of the few companies which manufacture silicate Nano-composite tyres with both rubber and stratified variants.

    • In South Korea, the company has a significant market share, which means that its sights are now set firmly on other countries. This is a good thing, as consumers will now have more options.
    • They are one of the few companies which have a significant presence across the seven continents. Nexen exports its products to over 120 countries. In fact, this company is also a favourite for drag racers, who demand tyres with extra performance.
    • Lastly, Nexen is also one of those companies with a pervading public presence. In this case, Nexen sponsors a lot of baseball clubs.
    • Did you know that this company also manufactures aircraft tyres? They are incredibly proficient at whatever they do.

    Buy Nexen tyres online

    If you are looking to buy Nexen car tyres in Maidstone, you could not have been at a better place. With a vast inventory and qualified experts-cum-sales personnel, AN Tyres is the tyre destination you have never had. Until now!

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