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Michelin Tyres

Owning an expensive car is everyone’s dream, but have you ever imagined or even given a thought on what your precious Audi or Porsche will be like without a proper set of tyres?

If indeed you have given it a thought, purchasing a set of Michelin car tyres must have crossed your mind. The organisation sticks by its marketing tagline – ‘A Better Way Forward’.

Ever since its foundation in 1889, Michelin has been able to establish itself as a global organisation. Based out of Clermont-Ferrand in France, it recently secured the position of the second largest manufacturer of tyres, only behind Bridgestone. They own other brands like BF Goodrich, Kleber and Uniroyal.

AN Tyres always keeps an extensive collection of Michelins to keep up with the rising demand.

Some recent developments made by Michelin:

  • Pax System: The Michelin Pax is a run-flat tyre that has a unique rim and tread pattern, which allows you to drive on despite a flat tyre.
  • Tweel: The name is a combination of tyre and w It has been developed by Michelin, and the airless tyre design has significantly higher handling performance than most pneumatic tyres.
  • Active Wheel: To eliminate the problem of shortage of space, Michelin has come up with the idea of Active Wheels. It is a kind of Michelin car tyre that has in-wheel electric motors and suspension which offers you more comfort in a smaller package.

Reasons to purchase a Michelin tyre

Apart from being one of the oldest tyre manufacturers with a tradition of its own, here are some reasons:

  • They were the first company to come up with the idea of self-supporting type run-flat tyres.
  • They provide outstanding safety even under extreme conditions.
  • They also provide longevity and fuel-efficiency that is unmatched by any other brand.
  • Michelin car tyres are the perfect choice for you if you prefer comfort above all else.
  • It offers state of the art durability along with the above features.

Michelin Tyres at AN Tyres

AN Tyres has always believed in their motto – quality over quantity. And it is for this reason that we maintain an extensive collection of Michelin tyres which are of the highest quality.

Therefore, if you have any problem concerning your tyres, feel free to contact us.

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