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Hankook Tyres

Many of our customers in Maidstone and other places around the UK are surprised to hear the facts about Hankook. They find it fascinating that a small country like South Korea is indeed capable of such a feat.

Hankook Tire, popularly known as Hankook, is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

With its headquarters at Seoul, South Korea, it has established itself prominently on the global field. Although they do not have a tyre production unit in the UK, garages like AN Tyres, have vast stacks of Hankook tyres because of their incredible demand.

Some figures and facts

Sales – 4,857 million Euros

Global presence – According to current Hankook statistics, they have made their presence felt in over 180 countries.

At present they have production units in:

  • Daejeon and Geumsan (South Korea)
  • Jiangsu, Jiaxing and Chongqing (China)
  • Bekasi in Indonesia
  • Tennessee in the USA
  • Racalmas in Hungary

Hankook employs 21,000 workers across its regional headquarters. They even have 28 subsidiaries around the world along with Research and Development centres. Their overseas clients generate more than 70% of their revenue.

Why should you choose Hankook?

Ever since 1941, Hankook has produced some genuinely spectacular tyres fit for all conditions.

Here are some reasons why you too should purchase Hankook car tyres:

  • It has successfully established itself in the Original Equipment (O.E.) market.

In fact, several brands like Porsche and Mercedes use Hankook as their Original Equipment.

  • They are affordable and go well with different types of vehicles.
  • It offers you state of the art performance concerning surface grip and mileage.
  • Hankook car tyres have sponsorship contracts with many revered clubs and companies. One of them is the German football club Borussia Dortmund. They are also the official tyre supplier for the show ‘Car Warriors’. Last but not the least, they are one of the key sponsors of the UEFA Europa League.
  • They have always taken the risk and came up with some significant innovations. One such example is the 2016 Design Innovation. Here they showcased tyres which might very well be in use shortly.

Hankook Tyres at AN Tyres

Here at AN Tyres, we have experts who are skilled enough to solve any problem regarding your tyres. Or if it is a new tyre that you seek, our extensive collection of Hankook tyres is sure to come to the rescue. Moreover, you can also purchase Hankook tyres online when you visit our website.

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