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Goodyear Tyres

The name Goodyear will surely ring a bell in the minds of those who haven’t even driven a car in their entire life. From racing tracks to football games, Goodyear has left their mark even if those fields have nothing to do with tyres.

Their popularity is not unfounded either. Year after year, Goodyear has produced millions of tyres that adhere to and often exceed the market standards. Their products have become a hallmark of quality in the market.

Today, we are going to talk about a few of these tyres. Many people go through a dilemma while shopping for a new set of car tyres. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of their confusions.

Goodyear’s Summer and All-Season collection

We will be sticking to the summer and all-season varieties because they are the most used car tyres in Maidstone. Since winter in this part of the world is not particularly harsh, these tyres are sufficient for year-round usage.

The best options in this category are:

Eagle F1 Asymmetric:

These Max Performance summer tyres are built specifically for modern, powerful vehicles. It enhances these vehicles’ performance without sacrificing comfort. The treads on the Eagle F1 use Goodyear’s own Pacing Compound Technology with carbon black and silica mixed for dry and wet traction respectively.

Eagle Sport All-Season:

Another high-performance tyre from Goodyear, the Eagle Sport is perfect for everything from coupes, sports cars, sedans and even LCVs. These all-season tyres combine speed (W rated) with comfort. Their wide shoulder blocks along with asymmetric tread pattern and full-depth sipes make both dry and wet handling equally easy. You can drive on these tyres even if there’s light snowfall in your area.

Assurance All-Season

The Assurance series of Goodyear tyres are for the casual drivers. It’s ideal for family sedans commuting around the city. It provides good overall performance and is more pocket-friendly than most tyres in this segment. Durability is the USP of these tyres as they offer a long tread life.

Goodyear at AN Tyres

If you want to buy these or any other Goodyear tyres, AN Tyres Maidstone is your best bet. We are the only garage in this locale that houses the entire range of Goodyear car tyres in Maidstone. Drive in and leave with the best set of new tyres from Goodyear.

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