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One of the largest tyre conglomerates in the world, Dunlop tyres are the preferred tyre brand amongst Britains car owners. Dunlop has built their tyre empire from scratch over the last century. When John Boyd Dunlop and Harvey Du Cros founded this company in 1889, the automobile industry was still in its infancy with only a handful of cars running on the streets. It was Mr Dunlop’s vision that cars would take over the world by storm that led to the creation of this company. In hindsight, we can say that his idea was spot-on.

The company has changed in many ways over the years. The only thing that has remained constant is their commitment to providing only the best products to their customers so that they can feel the joy of driving.

If you are looking to buy Dunlop tyres in Maidstone, you are in the right place. Our range of Dunlop tyres is as varied as it is affordable. Regardless of what you drive and how you drive it, there’s a Dunlop tyre for everyone.

Here’s a cursory look at some of the most popular Dunlop car tyres in Maidstone:

For summer:


This high-performance tyre is perfect for your sports car. Precise handling at high speed is what these tyres specialise in. Carbon black mixed in the tread compound allows them to get a good grip on all kinds of surfaces. The RunOnFlat technology used in these tyres makes them even more appealing.

For every season:

Grandtrek Touring A/S:

These SUV car tyres are a joy to drive all year round. In cities like Maidstone, the weather conditions are seldom extremely harsh which makes these tyres ideal here. With a speed rating of 168 mph, the Grandtrek Touring A/S is perfect for those who value performance.

For winter:

Winter Sport 5:

Winter road conditions demand more stability and grip from tyres. The Winter Sport 5 passes with flying colours on both those accounts. Along with a low rolling resistance which makes these tyres extremely environment-friendly, the Winter Sport 5 offers better aquaplaning owing to their deeper grooves and angled centre sipes.

These are only a few of the many Dunlop car tyres that we stock at our facility. You are welcome to browse through the entire range either at our workshop or on our virtual store, and buy your preferred tyres online, or from our garage itself.

Hurry; don’t miss the opportunity to buy the best Dunlop tyres in Maidstone.