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Continental Tyres

What characteristics do you look for when you go to a car garage to buy a brand new set of tyres? Surely you look for something that is of high quality, will be serviceable for a long time, and is affordable. Well, if that is what you are looking for, we would recommend you to take a look at what Continental has to offer.

Continental is a leading German automotive manufacturing company specialising in making tyres, brakes, electronic components, etc. They started their business in 1871 purely as a rubber products manufacturing company.

In the following years, Continental extended their reach globally. They also make original equipment for car manufacturers around the world. Today, they are the fourth largest tyre manufacturing company in the world.

AN Tyres Maidstone now stocks a vast collection of Continental cheap tyres Maidstone for all its customers. If you are looking for good quality, affordable car tyres in your neighbourhood, you must visit AN Tyres today.

Why choose Continental?

When you buy Continental tyres Maidstone from AN Tyres or any other car service garage for that matter, you can stay sure of its performance and durability. They were the first company to introduce a tyre tread, a remarkable discovery for its time. Their products are the preferred OEM for companies like Ford, Porsche, BMW, GM, etc.

With Continental car tyres, you get the best in class road grip, comfort and fuel economy. You will get quality that brands like Porsche, Honda, and BMW prefer, and get the same tyres for your vehicle.

AN Tyres and Continental

If you are looking forward to buying a brand new set of Continental tyres Maidstone, bring your car to AN Tyres today. We have a vast collection of car tyres that you can choose from, every single one available at affordable prices. Continental never disappointed our customers or us when it comes to quality, and that’s why we love them so much.

Also, we sell Continental tyres Maidstone too. If you are finding it difficult to squeeze time out of your busy schedule, you can buy it from our e-store, and we will deliver it right to your doorstep.

Visit us today; you can also book an appointment via phone ahead of your visit. We will be happy to see you.

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