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    Bridgestone requires no introduction. They are the de facto rulers of the tyre industry, ranking higher than any other company in both revenue and manpower. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that their range of tyres is as exhaustive as it is affordable.

    In their many years of existence, Bridgestone has been instrumental in taking the tyre industry forward.  They have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation to make their tyres more functional, durable and affordable.

    Even in cities like Maidstone, Bridgestone car tyres are wildly popular. Every auto garage, including AN Tyres Maidstone, stocks their products. If you are on the lookout for a new set of tyres for your car, Bridgestone’s products are the one you should check first.

    Why choose Bridgestone?

    The reason we recommend Bridgestone car tyres to all our patrons is their versatility. There is practically no road or weather condition for which Bridgestone doesn’t have a dedicated range of tyres.

    For summer tyres enthusiasts, Bridgestone’s Potenza S001 is a premium offering. It comes as Original Equipment for multiple high-performance sports cars because of its unmatched handling precision. The asymmetrical tread pattern coupled with built-in twin steel belts makes these tyres fuel efficient and extremely durable. As long as the temperature favours them, the Potenza S001 will never let you down.

    If you are more inclined towards winter tyres, Bridgestone has a wide range for you as well. Their Blizzak LM-32 is worth its weight in gold. It uses a unique polymer blend that enhances the traction even on the iciest of roads. The directional tread pattern helps in aquaplaning, and their proprietary Lamellen edge effect sipes bite snow-covered roads like no other tyres.

    Their all-season section is equally impressive. The Turanza Serenity Plus is an excellent example. These Grand Touring All-Season tyres stand tall in almost every aspect whether it is fuel economy or dry & wet traction or longevity.

    Bridgestone at AN Tyres

    AN Tyres takes great pride in being one of the largest retailers of Bridgestone tyres in the Maidstone region. You’ll find the entire range of Bridgestone tyres at our facility. Drop by to check out the collection and get a new set of tyres for your car. You can also buy your preferred tyres online since we have started our online store for your convenience.

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