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Are you looking for Tyre Treads for your vehicle?

Whenever you buy new tyres, you will notice how deep their treads are. Car tyre treads are essential to ensure that tyres get a proper grip that is so desirable on wet and snowy roads.

Tyre treads are subject to various laws in every country. In the UK, the minimum tyre tread depth is 1.6mm. At AN Tyres in Maidstone, we sell car tyres from all renowned brands with the at least 6 to 8mm of tread depth.

Measuring tread depth the DIY way

In case you do not have time to take your car to a service centre every time to check the tread depth, there is a handy DIY way to do it. Take a 20p coin and insert it in the tread of your car’s tyres. Can you see the top of the coin when it is fully inserted?

If you do, then your tyre treads are not up to the mark, they have been almost entirely worn out. Note that all four wheels of your car must have tyres that have treads deeper than 1.6mm.

Our experts have observed that it is necessary to maintain a tread depth of 3mm around the year. That is the ‘sweet zone’ of tyres; at this tread depth, acceleration, braking capability, and durability are the best.

Of course, in case you are not sure even after you perform the 20p test, you can always come to us at AN Tyres. Failure to comply with the mandatory tyre tread depth can lead to fines of up to £2,500. Each tyre will also fetch you three demerit or penalty points.

Wait a minute! Why is a proper tyre tread depth so important?

The reasons are many. A proper tread depth prevents aquaplaning. It provides adequate grip and aids in braking properly, especially in wet weather conditions. Tread depth has a role: it helps to avoid accidents and helps in reducing crashes and collisions.

This tread depth must be maintained in two zones of the tyre:

  • The central three-quarters part
  • Total outer circumference.

How can AN Tyres at Maidstone help you?

At AN Tyres Maidstone, you get quality tyres from renowned brands like Dunlop, Pirelli and Bridgestone. You will also get quality advice on what you can do to ensure that your tyres achieve the best service life.

So visit us today, schedule an appointment ahead or simply bring your car to our garage at Maidstone. We are always here to help you.

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