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Terms & Conditions

AN Tyres (hereafter referred to as ANT, the Company, the management or we) offers car repair services and retails OEM as well as spare parts. We provide our services in Maidstone and its surrounding areas. You may get in touch with our representatives via phone (016 2286 2151, 077 1533 1533) or e-mail ( Our website refers to


These terms and conditions apply to all services and products of ANT, including but not limited to, car repairs, servicing, MOT, replacement and repair of OEM.

These terms represent the entire contract between the customer (also referred to as you or he/she) and the Company unless explicitly varied by a written agreement between the two parties.

If one or more of these terms is stated unenforceable by the prevailing law or any other circumstances, not necessarily in the control of the Company, the remaining terms shall remain in full effect nonetheless.

1. Estimates

  • Unless explicitly mentioned in a written form, every service carried out is on an estimate basis.
  • A time limit for this estimate is not essential. If one is provided nevertheless, it shall be rendered void in the eventuality of unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.
  • Any estimate provided by ANT is valid for four weeks from the date issued. It is the responsibility of the customer to collect all deliverable(s) within that period. The Company is entitled to reasonable compensation for storage of the said deliverable post the completion of the estimate period.
  • ANT reserves the right to refuse any repairs or services from being carried out, irrespective of whether or not an estimate has been issued. The management is not liable to provide any reason for the same.
  • An estimate covers the cost of materials, labour and any service charges, as applicable. We may alter the estimate for any reason, including a rise in the wages or the price of parts, or any other additional cost arising out of circumstances beyond our jurisprudence.
  • While every effort shall be made for delivery on the due date, we are not liable for any economic or any other form of loss that may arise from delays arising out of complications hitherto unnoticed.

2. Payments

  • All payments, including cost of all goods and services, labour charges and applicable service charges, are due on completion of work.
  • The Company shall retain the absolute authority of vehicles for which payment has not been cleared.
  • Upon the un-fulfilment of payment within three months of the estimate, the Company reserves the right to recoup the cost of its goods and service(s) by selling, renting or leasing the car as it deems necessary. The customer foregoes any rights to claim his/her vehicle if the payment is not made in full within the period mentioned above.

3. Online pricing and orders

  • All costs inferred within the website are in Pound Sterling.
  • Prices are inclusive of labour, parts, components and applicable taxes.
  • The company reserves the right to alter any price listing at its discretion without any prior notice.
  • ANT is entitled to full payment at the time of deliverance of order failing which it shall stand cancelled.
  • The fulfilment of any order depends on availability. The management shall have the authority to cancel any order at any time. If payment has been made already, the entire amount shall be refunded.
  • All efforts shall be made by ANT to ensure that the prices listed on the website are true. However, despite our best efforts, some discrepancies may creep in. In such scenarios, the updated price shall be intimated to you, and we will carry out the order after consultation or cancel it and notify you of the same.

4. Selection of goods

  • Customers purchasing any spares, including tyres, from our website should verify its size and any other specifications as may be necessary. ANT cannot be held responsible for any misfit that may happen due to incorrect order. Also, note that ANT is absolved of any liability should any damage occur due to the incorrect order.
  • ANT shall not take any responsibility of damage caused by the incorrect fitting of tyres by other sources. Customers are advised to have their tyres fitted by us, in which case, the liability shall be shared.
  • If the order shipped to a customer does not match their original order, ANT shall replace them with the intended product subject to availability.

5. Exchanges and refunds

  • Please note that products once sold cannot be returned or exchanged after they have been fitted to your vehicle.
  • In case you find any fault with the replaced parts, you shall have the option of purchasing a replacement while we send the original for analysis by its manufacturer.
  • We will refund your replacement costs if the manufacturer finds the part defective or faulty. Note that the manufacturer’s analysis is final and binding.

6. Rescheduling and cancellations

  • You are free to cancel or postpone an appointment, provided that you inform us at least 2 days in advance.
  • You can cancel repairs after your vehicle has been submitted to us provided that the repair work hasn’t started. We will levy a small cancellation fee if the repair has commenced.
  • You can cancel online orders without any penalties provided you give us 24 hours of notice. A partial cancellation fee shall be levied after that point.
  • ANT reserves the right to withhold the delivery of the vehicle post-service if the customer fails to pay the complete amount on time. Should the customer fail to pay off the dues, the garage storage fees, as applicable, will be added to the outstanding bill. We reserve the right to dispose of the vehicle, in line with existing environmental norms, if the said bill is not settled even after 3 months.

7. Warranty claims

  • Any OEM or other parts we sell is covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • You must provide a proof of purchase to avail any warranty.
  • No guarantee is accorded on services such as wheel alignment, wheel balancing or other repairs of similar nature.
  • Any warranty/guarantee shall stand void if:
  • The user fails to notify ANT of the defect.
  • He/she does not adhere to any instructions mandated by the manufacturer for handling, care, maintenance or upkeep.
  • He/she services the part from a third party without our consent.
  • He/she does not give us a reasonable window of opportunity to repair/replace the concerned part.

8. Jurisdictions

  • Any disputes and claims are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
  • By using our website or services, you hereby consent to follow and adhere to the ruling of the aforementioned courts.

9. Conduct

  • By submitting your vehicle for review, repair or other purposes, you give consent to test drive it on roads, including highways and any other places we may deem fit unless explicitly mentioned at the time of submission.
  • ANT is not liable for any loss of items left within a car. We strongly advise customers to remove any valuable item at the time of submission of their vehicle.
  • ANT cannot be held accountable for any damage occurring due to lack of reasonable care by the Company.
  • You will be informed of any additional costs not covered in the estimate. Work will only be carried out once you have approved the same.
  • ANT cannot be held liable for any verbal communication made by any of its employees or agents regarding car maintenance or care or any other procedure. If any such recommendation/advice is carried out, it is entirely at the customer’s risk unless expressly confirmed in writing by ANT.
  • If you want to retain or inspect any replaced part, they shall inform their desire to ANT staff at the time of submission of their vehicle. Unless explicitly directed, all replaced parts shall be considered abandoned to ANT and under the jurisdiction or discretion of the same.

10. Collection of personal data

  • ANT collects customer data such as name, telephone number, home or workplace address, and e-mail address. Such personal information may be used by us for processing orders, making deliveries, improving the quality of our services, and for any other internal purpose we may deem fit.
  • You may be contacted via telephone, e-mail, fax or any other applicable medium for updates, product promotion or surveys. We adhere to a strict non-sharing policy when it comes to your personal information beyond the express consent of the customer. You have the option to opt out of any correspondence from us.

Important note:

ANT reserves the right to change and update, in part or full, one or more than one of these terms and conditions without any prior notice. It is strongly recommended to check this page for alterations.

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