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Are you looking for Suspension Repair Maidstone for your vehicle?

Do you feel disturbed whenever you face a bump in the road or when the car suddenly skids through on a wet surface? If you do, you are not alone. These disruptions or ‘bouncing’ of your vehicle is known as shocks.

It is the sole duty of your car’s shock absorber to minimise these sudden disruptions. To explain this more scientifically, an absorber does this by converting your car’s kinetic energy into heat energy.

Along with tyres and the air pressure in them, various linkages and springs, the shock absorber is a crucial component of your car’s suspension system. And to give a short idea about suspension systems, it is the link between your tyres and vehicle which promotes coordination between the two.

Types of shock absorbers

Most cars in places like Maidstone or anywhere else in the world use mono-tube or twin-tube absorbers.

  • Mono-tube shock absorbers

This variant resembles a cylinder as every part fits inside a single tube. Components of this cylinder are:

  • Gas
  • Piston valve; and
  • Oil

The cylinder which acts as a shell case uses only one piston that separates the oil and gas chambers respectively.

Advantages of mono-tube absorbers

  • Heat generated by the car parts gets released much easier than its twin-tube variant.
  • There is no chance of air getting mixed with oil or gas since the cylinder or shell case separates them

Disadvantages of twin-tube absorbers

  • Manufacturing them on large scales is not cost-efficient.
  • This type of shock absorber usually does not give a seamless riding experience. This is so because of the presence of gas under extreme pressure inside the shell case.
  • Twin-tube shock absorbers

As you can very well understand from its title-name suggests, it consists of two tubes or cylinder:

  • A cylinder within the shell case; and
  • A second cylinder which comprises the piston that pumps the pressurised valve within the inner cylinder.

The structural design of these shock absorber parts does not permit any connection between the oil and gas chambers.


  • Any problem with the shell case does not affect the functioning of the inner cylinder.
  • Unlike its mono-tube variant, these absorbers guarantee you an excellent driving experience, thanks to the presence of a base valve.


  • Its structural design poses severe problems for the engineers while installing them in the car.
  • Mixture of fluids and gas known as cavitations decreases the performance level of your vehicle.

How long should an absorber last?

There are a plethora of variables that come into play while answering this question. It is almost impossible for an engineer or a technician in a garage like AN Tyres, to designate a particular distance or year after which you should go for a shock replacement and Suspension Repair Maidstone.

However, if you have taken proper care and have not used your vehicle under extreme conditions, the absorbers should work fine for at least the next five years.

Why visit AN Tyres?

Your vehicle’s suspension system is an essential component, and a shock absorber is a part of it.

Experts at AN Tyres have vast experience in handling vehicular suspension and shock absorbers. We provide the guarantee of complete and efficient repairing, replacing or any other kind of services concerning your car’s absorbers.

So, book an appointment with us today for Suspension Repair Maidstone and feel the difference in the quality of service we offer.

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