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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Do you know about run flat tyres? If you do, you would be glad to know that your car can also be fitted with one of those. When you search for tyres, you will definitely come across this particular type. However, it is easy to get confused about whether you should put these tyres on your car or not.

Although, you might not be too familiar with what it exactly is. These are a distinct type of tyres that are designed to remain functional even without any air pressure.

Run flat tyres price is generally higher compared to their regular counterpart. However, both these tyres look pretty much same from the outside. In fact, a lot of major car manufacturers like Mercedes, BMW, Mini, etc. come with factory fit run flat tyres. You might be driving with a run flat, and you might not even know about it. Of course, if you want to replace your old run flat with a new one, you can visit AN Tyres at Maidstone.

How do run flats help in the event of a puncture?

These tyres have reinforced sidewalls. These sidewalls help in maintaining the control of your car in case of a puncture.

So, what run-flat tyres offer over other tyres is the ability to drive even when they are completely depleted. It makes it possible to drive after a puncture for a limited distance at a reduced speed. The tyres stay usable for around fifty miles, and you can drive below 50 mph.

So, with these tyres installed, you can drive your car home or to a nearby garage. With run flats installed, you avoid the situation of replacing your wheel in the middle of the road. You don’t even have to keep a spare tyre in your car.

Buy the best range of tyres at AN Tyres

If you are thinking of buying run flat tyres online, we can help you out. Our technicians at AN Tyres Maidstone can even assist you on whether these tyres fit your requirements or not. If you do end up deciding to buy one for yourself, we have an array of products for you. From different brands to different designs, we have it all in stock.

You should certainly consider getting these tyres from us. You can avail exclusive run flat tyres price and offers.

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