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Are you looking for Oil Change for your vehicle?

We all want our car to last as long as possible, work like it’s brand new, and cost the minimum- all at the same time. However, only a few of us take adequate care of our beloved automobile. While it is common to take it for an engine servicing or a diagnostic now and then, car owners around the UK often forget one crucial part of keeping their car healthy; a periodic oil change.

Your car has litres of fluids inside it, some of it used as coolant where some are used to act as a lubricant between two moving parts. Engine oil is one such crucial thing. It reduces abrasion between engine parts, reducing wear, and increasing its lifespan significantly. If you don’t get a periodic oil change, you will soon found your car’s performance lacking by a considerable margin.

“But my car already has engine oil, why do I need to change it?”

True, your car already comes with engine oil, but over time that fluid breaks down because of the high heat inside your car’s engine. Also, tiny metal shavings contaminate the oil over time, reducing its effectiveness significantly.

Remember when you bought your brand new car, the dealership told you to bring it for an oil change after only six months? That is because a brand new engine will shade a lot more metal as it starts working for the first time. This will rob the engine oil of its effectiveness very quickly. Also, all that will coagulate at the oil filter, and it will soon become unusable.

So, when should I change the engine oil?”

Different manufacturer different time and distance for an oil change. You will find the most accurate information in the owner’s manual that came with your car. If you need an expert to take a look at the amount of oil your car has, then bring your car to our oil change station Maidstone. You will find a team of experienced technicians at AN Tyres, and we will adequately diagnose it to make sure you don’t run into any trouble.

Our services will offer you the best result in the most cost-effective manner possible. We include a lot of different things to make sure it gets the care it deserves. We will empty, flush, and refill the engine oil, replace the old oil filter, and change the old sump plug and its washers.

A few things to remember

Engine oil is not something one can refill. Mixing a fresh batch with the old one will ruin the car’s engine. You have to drain the old batch, flush it with an engine cleaner, and put in a fresh batch.

Also, experts recommend changing the oil filter every time you get an oil service. When you visit our oil change station Maidstone, you will notice that we abide by that norm. That is to prevent contaminants from mixing with the fresh batch of oil. It increases the lifespan significantly.

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If you are looking for a reputed service station to get an oil service, don’t look any further. Whether it is an oil change or any other service, we will make sure your car runs the way it should. Bring your car to AN Tyres today.

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