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Are you looking for MOT Repair Maidstone for your vehicle?

In the last few decades, Britain has seen a sharp rise in car ownership. Today, every second person in the UK has his/her own car. The numbers are staggering. There are more cars in Britain than there are people in Canada. Let that sink in for a moment.

When something is everywhere, monitoring them becomes a challenge. How do we know that the cars running beside us are roadworthy and won’t cause any untoward incident? Indeed, how do we know that our vehicles don’t pose a threat to ourselves or others on the road?

That was when people felt the need for a standardised test to check the roadworthiness of every vehicle running on our streets. Thus, MOT was born in 1960.

Initially, it was known as the ‘ten-year test’ because only ten-year-old vehicles had to take the test. However, due to the high failure rate, that age was brought down to five and finally three years, which stands to this day. The name too got a facelift and became ‘Ministry of Transport’ test, or simply MOT Maidstone.

Today, MOT is an annual test that every three-year-old vehicle has to take. It is a mandatory test and avoiding it is not an option. If you are caught driving without your MOT certificate, you’ll be fined heftily.

Thousands of service garages across the country are authorised to conduct this test. We are sure there’s one in your neighbourhood as well. If there isn’t, you are welcome to take the test at our facility. We are AN Tyres Maidstone, one of the most sought-after MOT centres in this area.

Some tips to pass the MOT

If you have taken an MOT Maidstone before, you know that it’s a tough nut to crack. It’s a thorough test that checks multiple aspects of your car. If there’s a fault in any one of them, passing the test becomes very difficult. However, with a little care and caution, there’s no reason for you to worry. Here are a few tips that you may follow to make sure that you don’t fail your test:

Check your tyres

Around eight to ten per cent of all vehicles that take a MOT Repair Maidstone, or in anywhere in the UK, does not pass the tyre check. The condition of tyres is pivotal to the road-worthiness of your vehicle. If there’s any bulge, leaks or damage to the sidewalls, your car will not pass the test.

Since May 2018, tyre pressure has also been included in the MOT.

Lights are important

Faulty lights are the single biggest factor for failure in MOT. Almost 20% of all the people that took an MOT Maidstone and elsewhere in Britain failed due to the condition of their car’s lights. That includes the headlamps, taillights and fog lights as well. Make sure that they are in excellent condition before you go for your MOT.

Pro tip: Remember to check the small lamps on your number plate, and indicators as well.

Never ignore the brakes

Brakes are more critical for road safety than any other component of your car. It is, therefore, a surprise that so many vehicles fail the test because of their brakes. Around 9.5 per cent of cars taking the MOT had faulty brakes. If you don’t want to be one of them, check the condition of your brakes and repair it, if necessary. This goes for the parking brake as well.

You must maintain an overall good condition of your car if you wish to clear an MOT Maidstone at the first go. Windshield, washers, suspension, and number plates are all included in the test and keeping them in a top-notch condition will ensure that you don’t have to retake the test over and over again.

MOT Repair at AN Tyres

Many people struggle to find a reliable and trusted garage where they can take their MOT repair in Maidstone. Unfortunately, many garages have a notorious record of faking problems so that the test taker has to repair it from there. However, there’s good news for all of you in the Maidstone - AN Tyres is here, and we are one of the most authentic and reliable garages in this area. Our technicians will not only deliver the necessary repairs but also prep you for the same so that you pass the MOT test the very first time.

So, when can we expect to see you? You can call and book your MOT repair Maidstone anytime that is convenient for you.

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