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Are you looking for Exhaust Service Maidstone for your vehicle?

According to independent studies, there are over 37 million registered vehicles in the UK. In other words, every second person in Britain owns a car. Imagine the amount of exhaust they emit on a regular basis.

With the protection of the environment emerging as a major movement worldwide, it is only fair to make sure that you play your part by curbing the vehicle’s emission. It is in this regard that the exhaust system of your car becomes essential.

The exhaust system does the underappreciated job of funnelling harmful gases out of your car’s system. If it doesn’t do its job correctly, your vehicle will choke on its emissions. Therefore, how your vehicle runs depends a lot on how well your exhaust system performs.

But what can go wrong with the exhaust? How will you know when it does? Moreover, what do you do in such a situation? We will attempt to answer these and a lot more in this post. If you are wondering what makes us qualified to answer these tricky questions, we are one of the most trusted garage for exhaust repair Maidstone. The experience of our skilled technicians and the years of exceptional service that we have provided to hundreds of our patrons make us uniquely qualified to answer all your questions regarding everything related to cars in general and the exhaust system in particular.

What can go wrong with the exhaust system?

The first thing you need to know about any piece of machinery is that they don’t always function in the way they are supposed to. It is true for any machine, but since this post is about the exhaust, we will stick to that.

The exhaust system in your car is a maze of pipes attached to each other in such a way that they carry the emission from the combustion chamber to the tailpipe, which releases it to the outside world.

In between, there are many parts that have different functions:

  • The exhaust manifold, which combines gases from all the cylinders into one pipe.
  • An oxygen sensor, which calculates the amount of oxygen in the exhaust.
  • The muffler, which dampens the loud sound of combustion.
  • The catalytic converter, whose job is to convert harmful gases into carbon dioxide and harmless vapours.
  • Finally the tailpipe, responsible for doing the actual work of carrying these emissions outside.

The truth is that all of these components can potentially break down. They have to withstand extreme heat and pressure. Although these parts are of high-strength metals, there’s only so much they can endure.

Even a minuscule crack in any of these can affect your car adversely, and you will have no option but to take your vehicle for exhaust repair Maidstone or wherever it is convenient for you.

Symptoms of a faulty exhaust

The silver lining to this is that if there’s a fault in your exhaust system, it will manifest with symptoms that are hard to miss. Some of them are listed below-

  • A sharp decline in your car’s performance and fuel efficiency
  • Unmistakable loud sounds from the engine
  • Visible smoke from the tailpipe
  • Smell of gas around your car

If and when you encounter one or more of these symptoms, immediately bring your vehicle to our exhaust repair garage for Exhaust Service Maidstone. Delaying it may prove to be catastrophic as there are laws in place that will penalise you if you are driving with a faulty exhaust.

Our trained mechanics at AN Tyres Maidstone will be at your disposal to tackle any problem that you might be facing with your exhaust system. You can also pre-book your appointment via phone.

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