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Are you looking for EU Tyre Label for your vehicle?

In a fantastic attempt to curb down on pollution and increase road safety, the European Union has started labelling every single car tyre that was manufactured after November 2012. This new label, colloquially known as the EU tyre label, displays three essential factors in an easy to understand, pictorial manner.

An EU tyre label helps you make an informed decision when you visit our garage to buy a new set of tyres. When you visit us at AN Tyres Maidstone, you will find a tyre label accompanying each product on the shelves. Also, if you are buying tyres online from our e-store, you will see all the related information there too.

Each car tyre passes evaluation on three main areas of performance, fuel efficiency, wet grip, and exterior noise. Fuel efficiency and wet grip are shown in a chart whereas the surface noise is shown with a three-wave bar and the exact intensity of the noise (in decibels).

An EU tyre label was made with simplicity in mind. Fuel efficiency and wet grip are in an ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale, where the higher the tyre ranks, the better. Let’s decipher the different parts of an EU tyre label.

  • Fuel efficiency – To attempt fuel consumption, a car has to reduce its rolling resistance. To help you understand how fuel efficient your new car tyre is, an EU tyre label measures it with a symbol of a fuel pump and a rating on its charts.

A car tyre can affect its mileage by almost 20%. An ‘A’ rated tyre can save you nearly 6 litres of fuel every 625 miles, drastically reducing your fuel bills and carbon footprint.

  • Wet grip – Another vital aspect of a car tyres performance, its wet road grip, is also present on the tyre label. Its symbol is that of a rain cloud, and it is measurable with the same ‘A’ to ‘G’ rating. The better the score, the shorter braking distance you will have when you drive your vehicle.

The braking distance is calculated with a vehicle travelling at 50mph on a wet road. Each grade increases your cars braking distance by at least 4 meters. An ‘A’ rated tyre will have almost 30% shorter stopping distance than its ‘G’ rated counterpart.

  • External rolling noise – A symbol representing a megaphone shows the external noise that a car tyre generates. This noise is accompanied by 3 waves, where one wave is the quietest and 3 waves are the loudest. A tyres noise is measured when a car is passing by at a medium speed.

The difference between noise emissions between each bar is of about 3dB. Also, an absolute value of the generated noise is also present beside the symbol.

If you are looking for good quality car tyres at great prices, visit AN Tyres Maidstone today. We have a vast range of EU compliant tyres available, and you can get them from our garage, or from our web store. Visit us today.

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