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Are you looking for Clutch Replacement Maidstone for your vehicle?

Most automotive experts agree that the clutch is the most overworked component of any car with a manual transmission. Just think about it; you have to press the clutch pedal both while accelerating and decelerating.

However, are you aware of what exactly it does? Or how it does it? If you do, you really know your car well. Even if you don’t, there’s nothing to worry! In this post, we will discuss how your car’s clutch works and how it may malfunction.

Before we go any further, if you are looking for a reputable garage for clutch repair Maidstone, you can go directly to our ‘Contact Us’ page and give us a call. Our clutch repair service is uniquely fast and efficient. Remember that a clutch is not repairable: we will ensure timely replacements when necessary.

How does a clutch work?

Simply put, a clutch is a connection between a car’s engine and its transmission. It engages and disengages continuously. However, to understand how it works, first you have to know about the different parts of a clutch assembly:


A clutch flywheel is attached to the engine crankshaft. It is one of the two parts of the connecting mechanism.

Pressure Plate

The pressure plate acts as the spring that holds the entire assembly together. It is attached to the flywheel and features springs that absorb a lot of tension, allowing the other components to move freely.

Clutch Disc

This is the second part of the connecting mechanism. It is similar to brake pads, in that it has a surface that stays in contact with the flywheel. When you press the pedal, the connection breaks, and the transmission and driveshaft disengages.

When you press the pedal, this assembly jumps into action. The clutch disc and the flywheel are disconnected, breaking your transmission’s link to the engine. This allows you a window of opportunity to change gears or apply brakes. When you release the pedal, they come back in contact and power from your engine starts transmits to your car wheels.

Signs of a malfunctioning clutch

By now you must have understood the amount of pressure your clutch assembly handles on a daily basis. It is never at rest as long as your car is running. Add to that the extreme heat and friction that they endure, and you will understand why clutches often wear out.

However, to their credit, modern clutches are exceptionally resilient. If you use them carefully, they will serve you for over 100,000 miles. That’s often more than the service life of an average car. So, you may never have to go to a garage for Clutch Replacement Maidstone.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the look-out for symptoms of a faulty clutch. Some clutches start breaking down just after 35,000 miles. Regardless, here are a few signs that your car’s clutch is failing:

  • Spongy or sticky clutch pedal
  • Changing gears becomes difficult
  • Slipping clutch
  • A high pitched noise when it is applied
  • A significant decline in acceleration and overall performance

Clutch repair at AN Tyres

AN Tyres has been doing the clutch repair Maidstone for years. If you suspect that there’s something wrong with your car’s clutch, we are the ones that you need to visit. You can trust us like the hundreds of others who have availed our services and left with a smile on their faces.

We will be looking forward to your visit!

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