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There is a reason why you should always buy quality tyres. They are the sole contact points between your car and the road on which it is running, and they ensure that you drive safely and comfortably. There is a vast range of tyres that are currently available; which ones you buy depend on many factors.

At AN Tyres in Maidstone, we often face similar questions from our customers: what is the type of tyres that one should choose for their car? The answer lies in where you stay and what is the purpose of your vehicle.

In the UK, it is officially winter in most places for more than six months every year. A lot of snowfall, coming in at the heels of monsoon, means that you need winter tyres. That is the aspect of the tyre.

On the other hand, if you own an off-road vehicle or an SUV, you will need separate types of tyres. That is the nature of the tyres.

Coming off these main points, these are the top variants of tyres which you can consider for buying in case you live and drive in and around Maidstone.

Tyre types based on its aspect

Based on the various elements in which these tyres can be of use, three primary categories are presently available.

  • Summer tyres: As the name suggests, these tyres are perfect for summer when the roads are dry. Summer tyres are made from a hard rubber compound that won't melt on hot tarmac. Also, these tyres offer much faster and steadier acceleration. They are also much more nimble than most other types.
  • Winter tyres: In the UK, it is mandatory to use winter tyres whenever the temperature falls below 7°C. Winter tyre models boast a softer rubber material, which allows a better grip on ice-covered roads. In even the worst of British winters, these will deliver performance.
  • All-season tyres: Standing somewhere between the two previous types, all season tyres are the jack of all trades. While they are not on par with winter tyres in harsh climates, they do live up to their reputation of being the most usable models.

Types based on nature

By the type of vehicles, their quality can be made out. Some of the most prominent types include:

  • SUV tyres: Generally, SUVs are capable of delivering far better performance than standard car tyres. At present, these models are in high demand across our island nation.
  • Performance tyres: These tyres are meant for pure performance. Remember that while they are not always compatible with every car, they do crank up the output.
  • Van tyres: Vans carry a lot more weight than ordinary vehicles. It stands to reason that they have different tyres. At our facility at Maidstone, you will get the broadest range of such tyres.

Buy tyres online

Thanks to our doorstep delivery service, you can now buy your favourite tyres online too. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes. Remember AN Tyres whenever you plan on buying new tyres.

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