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Are you looking for Car Repair Maidstone for your vehicle?

Many people start panicking at the sheer thought of having to visit a repairing garage. The first thing that comes to mind in such situations is how much is it going to cost. Well, the good news is that with car repair Maidstone garage like AN Tyres in town, the residents of Maidstone are not hesitating to bring their car for that much-needed servicing anymore. Not only do we make sure that your vehicle receives the best repair service possible, but we also offer them at reasonable prices.

How to choose a good garage

Apart from going through reviews online, try to gather first-hand information from other customers. Ask them whether they were satisfied with the quality of service. Also, make sure that they follow the fundamentals laid down by the car manufacturers themselves.

AN Tyres is not only a trusted auto garage, but we always strive to provide a better quality of service than before.

Following are some of the things that fall under car servicing:

  • Clutch
  • Radiator
  • Suspension
  • Wheel alignment and balancing
  • Tyre repair and replacement
  • Engine and the cambelt
  • Alternator
  • Steering repair
  • Brakes

When to go for a repairing service

This question has no specific answer. There can be various reasons why you might feel the need to go for a car repair in Maidstone, at the same time others may not. It mainly depends on how much you use your car and also how well do you manage to maintain your vehicle. It also relies on the kind of terrain on which you drive.

However, technicians around the world suggest you go for a repair after every 12000 miles or once every year (whichever comes first). People who use their vehicles a bit more than others should go for interim services if required.

Here are some signs that tell you to bring your car for a service:

  • The first and most obvious sign is the warning light on the dash. Whenever you notice this yellow warning light, take your vehicle to a garage for car repair Maidstone.
  • Odd noises coming from your vehicle should never be ignored. They might be signs of severe damage.
  • The brakes could also provide some tell-tale signs. If you feel any vibration while pressing the brake pedals and find it difficult to stop your car, it is time to bring your vehicle to a garage for car repair in Maidstone.

Some services that garages provide


Your car’s tyre is one of the crucial parts. They give you the traction as well as the handling and braking efficiency you need. Whether it is checking the air pressure or aligning your wheels, we at AN Tyres offer a wide range of services.


They come in handy whenever you want to stop or reduce your car’s speed. Thus, it is vital that you go for a thorough check-up of your car’s brakes at least once a year.

Our brake repairing services range from checking the condition of the brake discs and pads to several other safety checks. We also make sure that the brake shoe and drums are correctly fastened as per the instruction of the manufacturer.

Cam Belt Servicing

The timing belt or the cam belt is an essential part of your vehicle which ensures the valves and exhaust strokes are in complete sync.

Also, it is crucial for the technician at our garage for car repair Maidstone to check parts like the following:

  • Water pump
  • Belt tensioner
  • Guild pulleys.

Maintenance of these components ensures that your engine is in peak condition and thus providing you with excellent driving experience.

Why come to us?

Our engineers have a reputation that they work extremely hard to maintain. AN Tyres, therefore, offers state of the art repairing services that you won’t find anywhere else.

Therefore, the next time you think of going for any repairs at all, feel free to visit us anytime, we are always here to help you.

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