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Are you looking for car battery for your vehicle?

Many people, who do not own private vehicles, still confuse the battery and the engine. It is not clear which one of the two starts the car.

To clarify this doubt once and for all, experts at AN Tyres have come up with a comparison. And not only our garage but garages across the world have the same belief that the battery is the heart of your car. This is because it is the battery that cranks up the starter which in turn starts the engine.

Once the engine starts, another essential component comes into play. It is known as an alternator, and its job is to provide your car battery with sufficient recharge when the engine is running your vehicle.

How do they work?

Composed of six galvanic cells, each battery cell offers something around two volts of power, thus providing a total power of twelve volts.

All six cells have a cathode (lead) and an anode (lead dioxide) which remains dipped in a solution of sulphuric acid. The electrons that get released as a result of the chemical reactions pass through a conductor and thus produce electricity.

What happens while discharging your car battery demands a bit of basic scientific understanding. If you are clear about the cathode and anode plates and the electrolytic solutions mentioned above, it should not be too complicated.

So, this is what goes on while discharging – the sulphuric acid solution slowly gets converted to create lead sulfate. And, the exact opposite happens while you are recharging.

Checking your battery by yourself

Experts around the world have come up with a way, applying which you can review the condition of your battery.

All you need is a multitester and see whether the output is anywhere close to twelve volts. If your batteries’ voltage output shows fourteen volts, it indicates that your battery is in peak form.

Reasons for malfunctioning

  • Under icy conditions, your batteries’ chemicals slow down the reaction process responsible for generating electricity.
  • Batteries over five years of continuous usage render itself completely drained. It is an indicator that you should opt for a car battery replacement.
  • Keeping your car parked in the garage for too long also affects the health of your car’s battery.
  • Using accessories like the AC or radio while the engine is on drains your battery as well.

Why come to us?

At AN Tyres, we have expert engineers who have enough experience in repairing car battery in Maidstone. Our technician makes sure that you leave satisfied with the service you received.

So, don’t hesitate to approach us if you ever feel anything is wrong with your car batteries.

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