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Are you looking for All Season Tyres for your vehicle?

These tyres are indeed a best-fit for all kind of weather conditions. They have the perfect mixture of both summer and winter tyres. This also makes it accessible in countries which have moderate temperature all year round. The only significant disadvantage that it poses is the level of performance, which drops under extreme weather conditions in places like Maidstone or any other place in the UK.

Following are the two most important reasons that make it suitable for all weather conditions:

Rubber compound – The consistency of the mixture lies precisely in between then that of summer and winter tyres. That is to say; the rubber is harder than the winter variant but softer than the summer ones. This unique consistency offers you little rolling resistance and outstanding grip on any surface.

Visit AN Tyres to get a feel of the rubber compound, and you will understand the difference.

Tread pattern - They have slits or sipes that is moulded to create a unique tread pattern that offers excellent traction.

Reasons for which you should consider buying an all-season tyres

The salient reasons have already spoken about above, but there are some more features and advantages of owning all-season tyres Maidstone or any other place in the UK. They are as follows:

  • The design of the grooves reduces the risk of aquaplaning, which means no trace of water remains in the gaps between the treads.
  • These all season tyres Maidstone come with a specific – M+S marking, where M stands for mud and S stands for snow. Hence, it performs the highest level on both snowy and muddy terrains.
  • This marking often comes with a snowflake, and a three-peak mountain symbol and certain high-end cars use them. It means that your car’s performance increases by around thirty per cent.

However, there are certain drawbacks and points to remember before you purchase an all-season tyre:

  • They are not a complete replacement for winter and summer tyres. This is because they have tread patterns that do not match the level of performance required under extreme conditions.
  • Experts at AN Tyres as well as others from around the world recommend changing the tyre once the tread depth drops below 4mm.
  • Performance tyres far supersede all-season tyres when it comes to safety and comfort on mountainous and rocky roads.

All-season tyres at AN Tyres

Our garage believes in delivering quality products to our customers. And it is mainly for this reason that we sell all-season tyres of reputed brands only. Whether you purchase these tyres Maidstone online or buy them directly from our garage, we make sure you receive the perfect set of tyres for your car.

So, come by at AN Tyres and check out our extensive collection of all-season tyres and leave the servicing to our master technicians.

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