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Are you looking for Air Conditioning for your vehicle?

When we climb into our car, the first thing that we turn on other than its engine is the air condition. It becomes a saviour at times, especially when it’s extremely hot or cold outside. However, what happens when it starts malfunctioning? What if it’s time for you to drop your kids to school, and you notice that the AC is not working at all? You don’t want to reach the place all sweaty and smelly do you?

Fear not, we are here to take care of that!

We are AN Tyres, one of the biggest car maintenance and service garage in your neighbourhood. If you have an issue with your car’s air conditioning, bring it to us for quick and efficient repair work at a rate you won’t find anywhere else.

How to detect a malfunctioning AC

Fortunately, a malfunctioning AC gives some prominent indications that you will be able to notice easily. The first and most common issue you will find will be inadequate cooling inside the car’s cabin. It will take hours to bring it to a comfortable temperature; at times it might fail to regulate it all together.

Also, if you notice a pungent smell filling up the car cabin, bring your car to us for air conditioning service. It is a sign of algae and micro-organism growth inside the AC vents. These vents are moist and cold most of the time, and that’s an ideal place for fungi growth. This can cause a severe issue; inhaling such contaminated air can cause allergy, and breathing problems.

Another issue that you will notice will be a sudden spike in your car’s fuel consumption. Your car will consume a lot more fuel if it’s working overtime.

So, how to fix it?

Now that we are here, you can forget about all the trouble with your car’s AC. We have a team of expert technicians ready to service your vehicle in the best way possible. Team AN Tyres will check and if needed, repair any issue that you will face. Also, if the coolant level is running low, you can bring your car for a quick aircon regas in Maidstone. On top of that, we include services like –

  • Function testing.
  • Checking for leaks.
  • Pressure testing the entire unit.
  • Replacing old filter.
  • Topping up the coolant and compressor oil.

Like every other machine, the air conditioning unit in your car needs periodic maintenance too. Experts recommend bringing it for a complete diagnostics once every year, and a repair every two years.

Whether it is not working well, or need to take it for an annual inspection, AN Tyres Maidstone will be your one-stop solution for all your automobile related need. Visit us anytime, or call us to schedule an appointment and jump the queue. We are always here to help you.

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