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Are you looking for 4x4 Tyres for your vehicle?

SUV tyres have become a hot commodity nowadays mainly due to the rise in the sales of SUVs. There are certain reasons why people are opting for 4x4 vehicles. The main reason, however, has to be: more space, for both cargo and people.

And it is due to this boom in sales that has got more people queuing up in front of garages like AN Tyres, either to purchase a new set of tyres or for repairing the old ones.  These tyres give optimal performance on off-road terrains and equally impressive performance while on the road.

One glance at an SUV tyre and you will get to understand the difference they have with the regular tyres. Our technicians thought it would be good if you are informed about the differences.

Following are some of the differences:

  • Even the cheapest SUV car tyres offer better grip than most high-end regular tyres. The reason for this is that it has a broader structure which ensures a more significant part of the wheel is in contact with the terrain.
  • An SUV tyre not only ensures your safety but also delivers excellent performance on off-road terrains.
  • The most crucial difference is probably in the tread pattern. On the one hand it balances the significantly heavier vehicle, and on the other hand, ensures quality performance on wet and muddy terrains. Heavy rains in the whole of the UK and especially in places like Maidstone, has this tread structure immensely popular.
  • Although they are a tad bit expensive, the level of performance and longevity compensates everything.

AN Tyres has a broad range of SUV car tyres Maidstonebelonging to brands like Continental and Michelin.

Let us look at a couple of their products to get a clearer idea.

ContiCrossContact LX 2 from Continental

  • Excellent performance on both dry and wet strips.
  • Unmatched mileage
  • State of the art traction on all types of surface

Michelin LATITUDE Sport 3

  • Best in class handling and braking performance on wet terrains
  • Outstanding longevity.
  • Shorter braking distance than its competitors.

Why come to us?

AN Tyres as already mentioned maintains a massive stack of 4x4 tyres Maidstone and also at their outlets across the UK. Our expert technicians are skilled enough to tackle any of your issues concerning tyres and other automotive malfunctions.

You can also purchase these tyres online by visiting our official website.

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